running away – (6) overthrow of feelings/emotions

In the process of learning to understand the importance of writing, i realised myself.

When ‚thinking‘ about „not wanting to write‘ it shows me, how much resistance i have build up against the change. As i thought it need and will change. Aw. That was wrong. The most important point here is to etablish a connection with myself. Sure, self forgivenes will help me do this, but i recognised that i mised the most important thing.

Before i will and can change, what should i do? How can one change the beeing he is, without understanding of what someone actually has become. Without knowing oneself?

So i will commit myself to build myself a strong and stable connection to myself. I don’t hide myself. I dont‘ hide myself behind thoughts. I commit myself to show myself everything i think/feel/experience and write them out. So whenever i got sufficent amount of time. I will sit down and write to myself. How long has this been? How long have i ever, truely get in touch with myself? Must have been some time…

So „hi there“. Nice to meet you aggain. With you, i’am. With Me, i’m you. We, are one – as one, we are. That’s interesting. Sooo long it has taken us. Soo long we have been searching for us. Wehw. Should create a song out of this conversation (no! it’s not backchat :>) „You no take candle!“

We created so many tools. So many possibilities of „not getting to know our selfs – but others“. Time to take the direct way.

In my chat today i realised, that’s it#s not about writing on a daily basis (for now), but to get to know myself and work on the assignment (structual resonance alignment). More is comming!