getting to know – (12) continuing

So as far as the clouds and the rain will travel, as far i can go, as far my imagination can bring me – i will never realise, when not stepping back and understand the events and the emotions and feelings i carry with me. I need to investigate and continue the journey back to earth and the living beeings who as life as equalys to everything were once standing. Thus we all know, that we need to find ways to get back from our self interrested ways of living to the once realised point in life to touch, feel, care and listen to ourselfs and our brothers and sister and the living world we live in. So fore continuing the journey, writing is a must do.

Continueing where i left the „proposed“ state i was not ready for doing because of my selft interest in women. My never ending emotional addiction i thought i could „fill“ a missing part, where there is no missing part. So for „wanting“ this and „wanting“ this i realised, it can never bring me to a point to realise whats best for all.

What can bring me to a point what’s best for all is the information on desteni and the activism for bringing equalmoney or atleast the basic income. Thats far most the most important point in understanding life and one self. For briging forth the basic income one can be assured, that in the horrendous times coming, one will have a stay and one more chance to realise the points about the greedy, self interested desires and „wants“ one can come up with.

Every thought comes with responsibility

Every action and uncation comes with responsibility

In the beginning for my great idea to thing, i must do something „huge“ i was aggain falling back into my own self interrested ego. I surely wanted to do much more writing, but this was aggain a trick in my mind, that can „take“ time and come in the furture, „when i got it done“. So it was already a barrier when i wrote it out. I was learning how to play a little bit on an keyboard, but it was quite enough for me to say, okey, lets start a new level and create vocals and create more music with maybe broaded audience. But, thats not importand i realised. What’s importance is honouring and caring and continueing the journey to life. from :