getting to know – (10) making changes

In my last post i was writing about the resistances i had when realising, what is was, that was keeping me away. So, there i have resistances to change. Its obvious for me that changes are needed to make an world wich is best for all life.

When i tell myself i want to write, i often get back to my habbits like playing games or surfing alot of on the world wide web. It chuckles me, that i can always find excuses to not write myself out.

So for the change i make, i ask myself: What to change first?

As the world i see is running to an confrontation for greed and lust for power, whole nations are tumbling down. And, when a whole nation is tumbling down, what is the consequences that will effect everyone? What is it?

The answer is quite obvious – the race of ressources, the race for domination and the race for energy is clearly getting into deep pulsations, wherein tehre will be a small time-lap where confusing will lead to some more tricky self destruction. Sabotaging oneself.

Making change does imply, to realy get rid or at least stop the habbits and the dishonesty towards oneself and others. For makeing changes it needs to look into a new view of life, an point of no return. So, there is see my fear rising up aggain. Fearing of no return, fearing of not coming back aggain.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear myself for chaning.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to drive my fear based on the thought of „not coming back aggain“. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself for thinking, that „not coming back“ is a reason not to change.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to let that one point determine my decision „to not want to change“.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not do the self forgivnes required to clear that fear up. I commit and correct myself to confince myself that fearing of not wanting to change will never create the oppertunity to actually change. Therefore i realise that changing will need self forgivenes, as this point of fear, can come up every second i do not take this process seriously enough.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself for judging myself for not taking the process of self realisation seriously enough.

I commit myself to take one step further of creating a daily basis of writing self forgivnes and/or investigation into myself and the world i live in.

For the time beeing, i suggest you taking your time and try the desteniiprocess-lite course.


getting to know – (9) resistance against writings

So in my long break i did, as i recognized that daily wriitng is still to this day not „flowing“, i decided to work more ont he basics of writing and the information wich is presented by desteni (

So furthermore, there is an free online course where you get actualy to know the information from the desteniiprocess – but in a fairly compressed format. It’s not actually the desteniiprocess ( but the desteniiprocess lite (

So within that, i continue on this course as it is more the way i could handle the times and the managment of doing the assingments for continuation of my process.

So resistance in wiritings, write it out!

– There are a few resistances in writing myself out:
resistance to actualy change
– resistance to drop my long accepted and inherited habbits
– resistance of getting to know my true self (what i have become)
– resistance in a form of fear, to lose myself or lose „something“ that i think is part of myself
– resistance in a form of emotional barrier that it will get so emotional, that i think, that i can’t continue that way – that it hurts (in my body)
– resistance for standing up, taking responsibility for myself and the world i’m living in
– resistance in a form of fear where i judge myself for not beeing „good enough“ in doing it, and therefore letting my mind play some righteous games about the desteni material and the „i already know“-ego perspective

But there are upsides in writing that come more and more trough my self, that clearly show myself, that wiriting is effective and is indeed changing myself. Of course, not wiriting alone will make the change, but, writing out and realising while writing makes the difference. There comes some thoughts up that are telling me, that writing actualy makes alot of sense.

So for my resistance-notes and for the process, its quite cool to see, that working and writing is getting me to emotional reactions and though patterns, that repeat, till i stop them and self forgivenes is done onto them. It’s quite a fascinating journey and realisation, that comes step by step.

I can really encourage and suggest to try  the „desteni i process lite“-version. It’s just the greatest information i came across (and i did come across alot of information about life, afterlife and whateverforms of things, that is here, that are from interest and from substance…). So it’s also important to note, that there is support for everyone that dares to qustion reality and that dares to change. Nothing comes with ease but with ease comes everything, you know 🙂
It takes a lot of time, but it is the most important study someone can come across. It’s life, it’s you. It’s just everythign here.

It also opens the eyes, why things are going wrong and why we are all responsible for it.

So. Everyone is invited to try it out.

I will continue in my next blog.