running away – (6) overthrow of feelings/emotions

In the process of learning to understand the importance of writing, i realised myself.

When ‚thinking‘ about „not wanting to write‘ it shows me, how much resistance i have build up against the change. As i thought it need and will change. Aw. That was wrong. The most important point here is to etablish a connection with myself. Sure, self forgivenes will help me do this, but i recognised that i mised the most important thing.

Before i will and can change, what should i do? How can one change the beeing he is, without understanding of what someone actually has become. Without knowing oneself?

So i will commit myself to build myself a strong and stable connection to myself. I don’t hide myself. I dont‘ hide myself behind thoughts. I commit myself to show myself everything i think/feel/experience and write them out. So whenever i got sufficent amount of time. I will sit down and write to myself. How long has this been? How long have i ever, truely get in touch with myself? Must have been some time…

So „hi there“. Nice to meet you aggain. With you, i’am. With Me, i’m you. We, are one – as one, we are. That’s interesting. Sooo long it has taken us. Soo long we have been searching for us. Wehw. Should create a song out of this conversation (no! it’s not backchat :>) „You no take candle!“

We created so many tools. So many possibilities of „not getting to know our selfs – but others“. Time to take the direct way.

In my chat today i realised, that’s it#s not about writing on a daily basis (for now), but to get to know myself and work on the assignment (structual resonance alignment). More is comming!


Ein Gedanke zu „running away – (6) overthrow of feelings/emotions

  1. Cool Michael – a point to clarify with regards to the daily writing. Meaning that it is not to see ‚writing daily‘ as a burden or as a thing that you ‚must do‘ but seeing it as a process of getting to know yourself through writing = not seeing it as a ‚task‘ that ‚must be done,‘ but instead getting comfortable with yourself writing, which is what DIP is for at this stage within your process. Thus as you walk DIP, you start developing the self-stability through writing. This thus means that as long as we see writing as a ‚chore‘ or as a ‚must do,‘ it simply means that we haven’t yet established ourselves As writing, as our process – and so the focus is then not only ‚writing daily,‘ but first focusing on establishing that comfort and stability as you go writing your assignments and as such, writing daily becomes a part of your own application/ self-commitment to ‚know yourself‘ through writing, self forgiveness and self corrective statements. Alles klar?

    Thanks for sharing

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