running away – day x + 2

As i was starting to write out my selfforgivnes statements i felt an deep resistance in that night. It felt like i suppresed something in my stomach area. And i could breath more harder. It felt like i compressed all emotions and feelings into that stomach area.

For that it’s obvious. My body is telling me i did’nt done it well and/or missed some keypoints or was not completly honest. So therefore i will investigate it more deeply.

I forgive myself for judging myself for feeling anger towards myself for thinking that i „haven’t done the self forgivness statements properly“. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing my self to dwell into the feeling of „suppresing“ myself for wich i ‚m not to blame.  Suppressing myself forAs of i’m starting this process and will face and experience alot of resistance. Getting aware of my body will help me understand what i have become.

I forgive myself for allowing myself to think that this will be a fast process. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to think that my thoughts will „just go away“ without working and investigating myself. This is a process that just started. With the materials and tools from desteni i can and will work on that. Reading other Blogs will also clear some points up.

I Recently stumbled upon the blog from Rebecka Dalmas – just to point it out: The words i was reading from there, were exactly the same experience i was having as a child and even today. No coincidence (seriously)! Gotta investigate tomorrow.

Journey to Life blog entry „Day 141 Facing the fear to look.“


That’s an awesome amount of information over there, thanks alot Rebecka!


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